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Defining Teams

Defining Teams

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Defining Teams

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The Team Administration window allows you to create Teams. This is where you identify the Teams that are being fielded in the Match.  Teams are not mandatory, but you must define them if you want to report Match results by Team. If you do create Teams, you must complete all 3 fields for every Team.


Note: You do not identify who the Team members are at this time - that is done later when you establish or modify competitors.  Teams can also be added while the Match is in progress.


Remember: Teams have a maximum of 4 competitors, must be in the same Division, and must be in the same Category (because Categories can be significant in Team scoring).


To create a Team:

1.   Make sure the Match you want to create the Team for is selected in the Match Administration window.

2.   Click Teams.

3.   Click New.

4.   Click in the Team Name field of the new empty row, and enter the Team's name.

5.   Click once in the Division field and press F2.  This activates the drop-down list-box.

6.   Click the down arrow on the right edge of the drop-down list-box to expand the list, and select a Division. You must define a Division and a Category for every Team.

7.   Click once in the Category field, and press F2.

8.   Select a Category from the drop-down list-box.

9.   Click Apply.


After the Team is created, you can assign competitors to it, in the Competitor Administration window.



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