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Establishing Stages

Establishing Stages

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Establishing Stages

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For each Stage, you need to tell WinMSS: its name, location, course type (long, medium, short or standard exercise), how it is scored (Comstock or Virginia Count), and type of targets used (Classic, Metric, or Universal).  Then WinMSS needs to know how many of each target type are being used (including penalty targets), and the minimum number of rounds required to complete the course of fire.


Note: Minimum Rounds means the minimum number of rounds required to achieve the Maximum Points. That is, it includes any rounds that are shot at disappearing targets.


WinMSS notifies you if the number of hits plus misses entered is less than the minimum number of rounds for that Stage, unless there is one or more disappearing targets.


After setting up all Stages, WinMSS has enough information to print blank Score Sheets.


Stage Tab

The Stage tab contains the fields to define the Stages in the Match. When you add a Stage to the Match, the Stage summary information is updated on the Match Administration window. You can create a new Stage, or update an existing Stage definition.


To define a new Stage for a Match:

1.Make sure the Match you want to add the Stage to is selected in the Match Administration window.
2.Click Stages.
3.Enter the Stage information. Tip: To establish an ICS Classifier Stage, select the Stage from the ICS Classifier Stage identifier from the drop-down combo-box and click on the Import button. If you change your mind later, click the Remove button to return it to a user-defined Stage.

The following fields are required:

Type of Course
Type of Scoring
Type of Target
Minimum Rounds

4.   Click Apply.


Tip: When you are updating an existing Stage definition, you can press Page Up or Page Down to scroll through the Stages in the Stage List.


Stage List Tab

The Stage List tab allows you to easily locate a Stage and open its record.


Tip: Double-click a Stage entry to open the record in the Stage tab.


Type of Course

Each type of course has a specific number of minimum rounds required:


Long Course – minimum of 17 rounds and a maximum of 32 rounds
Medium Course – minimum of 10 rounds and a maximum of 16 rounds
Short Course – minimum of 1 round and a maximum of 9 rounds
Standard Exercise – minimum of 1 round and a maximum of 24 rounds