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Administrative Reporting

Administrative Reporting

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Administrative Reporting

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Most Administrative reporting is often needed prior to the commencement of the Match.


For some reports, a Reporting Criteria window opens. Choose report parameters from the window, and click OK to print the report.


You can send reports to the printer, to a preview window, or you can save them as files. See Report Options for information.


Arbitration Form: Is a standard IPSC form used in the arbitration and interpretation of rules process.


Chronograph Forms: Two standard WinMSS Chronograph Forms are available for printing.


Chronograph Sheet: Used to record a competitor's chronograph details.
Chronograph Statistics List: Used to summarize the chronograph results for all competitor's.  This could help determine if any competitor's did not go through the chronograph process.


Competitor Labels: The two label options (Laser and Dot-Matrix) allow you to print competitor labels for all the competitors in the Match.


Competitor Listing By: A competitor list, sorted first by the primary field selected in the sub-menu, then alphabetically by family name. For example, in the Competitor Listing by Category report, competitors are listed alphabetically within each Category grouping.

Primary Fields: Category; Classification; Competitor Number; Division; Family Name; Squad; Tag; Team.

Included Fields: Competitor Number; Full Name (family name, first name); Classification; Division; Category; Squad; Tag.


Note: The Competitor's Power Factor appears on all Competitor Listings. Those Competitors that have a plus sign ("+") in their Division column are competing with a MAJOR Power Factor, and those competitors that do not have a plus sign ("+") in their Division column are competing with a MINOR Power Factor.


Profiles: Three profile reports are available...


Competitor: Provides information about competitor designations and can help determine recognition of Divisions and Categories.
Team: Provides a Team listing that can be used to verify that the information has been entered into WinMSS accurately.
Stage: Provides a Stage listing that can be used to verify that the information has been entered into WinMsS accurately, as well as to assist with target distribution on the shooting range.


Score Sheets: Two versions of a Score Sheet is available...


Stubbed Version: The new Stubbed Version Score Sheet is designed to have the scoring details duplicated into the stub portion that is torn off and given to the competitor.
Original Version: The Original Version Score Sheet was designed to be used in conjunction with carbon-copy forms.  The WinMSS generated form is sent to the printers to be printed on carbon-copy forms, with the carbon-copy being given to the competitor after the score sheet has been fully completed.


Note: Score Sheets may only be printed (saved), to a Portable Document Format File (*.pdf).


Stage Briefing: Describes the Stage in detail and can be used at each Stage to ensure that course of fire is presented to the competitor in a consistent manner.


Tag Listing: A list of the Tags in the WinMSS database. Note that this is an exception to the other reports, which include only Match specific information. The Tags are listed in alphabetical order.

Included Fields: Tag Name


To access Administrative Reportings:


1.    Click Reporting on either the WinMSS main window toolbar, or on the Match Administration toolbar. The WinMSS Reporting window opens.

2.    Select the Match you want results for in the Match Name field.

3.    Select Setup from the WinMSS Reporting menu to open its drop-down menu.

4.    Select the appropriate report that you want generated, from the drop-down menu that appears.



Reporting Options

Defining Report Criteria