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Using WinMSS

Using WinMSS

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Using WinMSS

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The Windows Match Scoring System (WinMSS), is primarily intended for statisticians and/or organizations that run IPSC sanctioned matches in accordance with the requirements and recommendations specified in the IPSC Shooting Principles and Rules.


The main application window acts as your portal to all WinMSS features. This window is always open, but other WinMSS windows may cover it so it cannot be seen.  When you close a window, such as the Match Administration window or the Member Administration window, you will be returned to the main window.


We have provided a "Quick-Start Instructions" section for those do not want to read the entire manual, but want a concise overview of the WinMSS features that are typically used to score a Match.  However, we encourage you to review all of the features provided within WinMSS which begin with the WinMSS main menu and toolbar which allow you to access to the following features:



Exit (terminate the WinMSS application)



Settings (configure WinMSS application)



Administration (manage an IPSC membership list)
Groups (maintain membership groups for administrative purposes)
Reporting (produce administrative reports)
Update from Internet > IPSC Aliases (retrieve IPSC Aliases for membership)
Update from Internet > Classifications (update membership classifications)
Export > Membership Information into Windows Address Book
Export > WinMSS Membership Database
Import > WinMSS Membership Database



Match > 1. Administration (manage IPSC Matches)
Match > 2. Rapid Scoring (score an IPSC Match)
Match > 3. Update Classifications (update Competitor Classifications)
Match > 4. Reporting (perform Match reporting)
Match > Update Match Competitors
Match > Export/Backup
Match > Import/Restore



Display Connected Computers



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