IPSC Classification System (ICS)

The reason for the IPSC Classification System (ICS) is to have the ability to rank competitors both nationally and internationally and to provide Regions with their own vehicle for true peer-to-peer recognition.

ICS is a dynamic system. Classifications may move up or down based on a competitor's performance.

Classifications are calculated by Divisions. Competitors may submit scores for each Division in which they wish to be classified.

Individual records are calculated by comparing a Competitor's stage hit factor to the highest hit factors for the ICS stage. The competitor's result will be their hit factor divided by the top average hit factor for that stage. As competitors record their scores, the class percentages might change to reflect better times at the top. This method accurately reflects the all performances.

A competitor achieves initial classification after 4 scores. Classification will be based on the average of the best 4 scores of the most recent 8 submitted.

In order to maintain a Classification, competitors must keep current IPSC membership and submit scores for a minimum of two Classification Stages or one Classifier Match each calendar year. Competitors may be removed from the ICS system at the end of the second consecutive year where no scores are submitted.