Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we setup classification stages at our own club as weekly or monthly events?

Yes. We encourage competitors interested in obtaining and maintaining their individual classification to participate as often as possible. The more data received the better.

2. We are interested in having a Classifier Match -- what do we need to do?

For a Division to qualify it must have at least 10 competitors and the Division must have at least 30% of its competitors already classified.

Competitors must have an IPSC Alias and be flagged for classification in the match to have their Overall Match results count towards their ICS classification.

International Grand Masters are not required.

3. Our members would like to be classified -- can we hold a match that contains 4 classifier stages and have our members classified based on these results?

Yes. Classification requires the competitor to have a minimum of 4 ICS score submissions. After the initial 4 ICS score submissions, the highest 4 ICS scores from the most recent 8 will count.

4. What does "Class Rank" mean?

Class Rank is a number that indicates where the competitor is placed within his/her class.

5. I don't have an IPSC Alias -- how do I get one?

Use this link to register your IPSC Alias online: Alias Registration

6. I just want to find out if a particular IPSC Alias is available or not -- is there a way I can do that?

Yes, you can find out if an IPSC Alias is available using this link: Alias Availability. However, it is possible for someone to take an available IPSC Alias before you complete your registration for it.

7. I registered my IPSC Alias a while back and forgot what it is -- can I look it up??

Yes, you can lookup your registered IPSC Alias using this web page: Alias Search

8. What happened to the option of signing up for an IPSC email alias?

IPSC no longer supports this option.

9. I want to change my IPSC Alias to something else -- is there a way I can do that?

No. Once you have registered your IPSC Alias, it is yours for life. Please make sure it is the one you want before you register it.