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Verification Reporting

Verification Reporting

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Verification Reporting

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The IPSC statistician has the responsibility to ensure that all competitor scores are entered accurately.  Verification reports can assist in this task. You can print them: by Competitor Number; by Squad; by Stage; or, for a specific Squad & Stage pair.


When you select a Verification report, you will be asked to specify the range of Stages that you want included. You may also specify a time period.


Verification reports show all of the data keyed in for each competitor right down to the A's, B's, C's, D's scoring and penalty targets per selected Stage.  The reports are printed in competitor number order.  A common practice is for someone to read aloud the data from the Score Sheets while an assistant checks what is being called against the Verification report.  This whole process is easier if the Score Sheets are first sorted into Competitor number order for each Stage.


Printing the Scores by Squad report allows you to distribute a Squad's scores to each Squad for verification of accuracy.  This can use a lot of paper in a large Match.


You can send reports to the printer, to a preview window, or you can save them as files. See Report Destinations for information.


Verification > Scores...


All score verification provide a detailed scoring report that identifies the Match name that the reporting is being generated for.

Included Fields - Competitor Information: Competitor Number; Full Name (family name, first name); Division; Classification; Power Factor; Category

Included Fields - Scores: Stage Number; Detailed stage scoring; Time to complete course of fire.


Scores by Competitor
Scores by Squad
Scores by Stage
Scores for Squad & Stage


Verification > Disqualified Shooters


Lists all the disqualified shooters within the selected Match in competitor number order.


Verification > Exceptions


This is one of the most useful reports for a Stats Officer. The scoring exceptions report shows exactly what you haven't entered yet, so you can follow up with the Chief Range Officer (CRO) or whomever is responsible for making sure all the Score Sheets have come back to you.  For example, you can immediately see that a Competitor has not been entered for a specific Stage.  The report will appear blank in the print preview, if all selected stage scores have been entered for all competitors in the selected match.
Included Fields: Stage Number; Stage Name; Competitor Number; Full Name (family name, first name); Squad Number.


To access Match Verification reports:


1.    Click Reporting on either the WinMSS main window toolbar, or on the Match Administration toolbar. The WinMSS Reporting window opens.

2.    Select the Match you want results for in the Match Name field.

3.    Select Verification from the WinMSS Reporting menu to open its drop-down menu.

4.    Select the type of verification report that you want generated, from the drop-down menu that appears.



Reporting Options

Defining Report Criteria